Disgraced Kayihura Wanted me Arrested by Linking me to Gen Sejusa’s Rebel Group and reporting me to the President; Singer Karim SaavaNsubuga


Singer Karim SaavaNsubuga has come out and revealed that former IGP Gen.KaleKayihura, a few years ago reported him to President Yoweri Museveni over his links with Gen.DavidSejjusa’s alleged rebel group. Karim made the scathing revelation recently when he posted on his social media pages that ‘’What was the roll of Former Police chief Kayihura????If he once took us to the President mbu Gen Sejjusa has started a rebel group involving people like me!!!! Nhhhmmm.And now mbu they stage managed the Masaka Killers really!Meaning many people are in Uganda prisons for…

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